What is the Fluid Concept?

If there is one thing that is constant, it is that change is always afoot. Play the game by yesterday’s rules and you’ll have missed a trick. Rest in yesterday’s triumphs and you are already the predecessor of a more relevant entity. Judge someone by his or her high school antics and you’ll wonder what the hell happened.

But do things really change that much? Have YOU really changed that much? Time has probably made you wiser and stronger, more or less irritable or irritating and so on. You are probably the same guy/girl that you were 5 minutes/hours/days/weeks/years ago. Just with different clothes on to suit the season.

And yet, the best things in life seem to only change their clothes to fit the weather. The people and businesses that seem to enjoy longevity get it. Clearly, so does Will Smith.  And hopefully, so will I. Eventually.

If you are not getting better, you are probably getting worse. – Pat Riley

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