What is The Fluid Concept?

The Fluid Concept provides analysis and insights to modern media businesses & content teams that use digital media to achieve their business goals.

TFC does this through three services; by providing content via a free newsletter, a membership delivering affordable consultancy in bitesized pieces through a membership, or through individual consulting projects.


Why was it created?

The Fluid Concept was formed to address three statements about the importance of today's digital media landscape and its future importance:

  • The digital transformation of media has created the opportunity for new kinds of media organisations - The same tools and platforms that are making it difficult to run a media company based on traditional principles, are making possible for any entity with a smartphone and some ingenuity to gain an audience through engaging content, regardless whether of whether it is a one person enterprise, or the content team of a global marketing department.
  • Having an audience ≠ having a business... but it could - With the barriers around developing a meaningful audience changing, so to have the models around building a sustainable media organisation. Simply having followers, or generating impressions, isn't enough. From social media influencers, to legacy media businesses, modern media demands that they use their combination of content and audiences in new ways to generate multiple revenue streams that are aligned to their media production abilities and audience characteristics.
  • The ability to create media and develop an audience is critical for the future of work - If artificial intelligence will truly change the nature of employment, then many of the jobs we rely on will be gone. If this is the case, many follow the growing number of those using the internet to small businesses based on craft, knowledge or interest. Regardless of the what business is, the ability to use digital platforms strategically to gain attention, grow an consumer base and create paying customers will always be required.


Who Is Bola Awoniyi?

TFC is the work of Bola Awoniyi, a media entrepreneur from London. Alongside his work for TFC, he is also co-founder & publisher of Black Ballad, a digital lifestyle subscription serving Black women in Britain. 

Based on his work in taking Black Ballad from a passion project to a subscription media business, Bola & his co-founder Tobi were given the distinction of being named among Forbes Europe's 2018 30 Under 30 list in Media & Marketing. Prior to starting Black Ballad, Bola was a Research Analyst and writer at Econsultancy covering, among other topics, digital media, social media & digital transformation.

Bola can be available for speaking opportunities engagements on the topics covered on TFC. Compensation will vary based on the nature of the customer and event, as well as the topic. Please get in touch to learn more.